How Cold Pressing Fruits and Vegetables Retains Their Nutrients

The healthiest diets are those that include ample servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating these products raw is known to be the best way to gain the largest amount of vitamins and minerals possible. Cooking, or even just heating fruits and vegetables, reduces their nutritional value substantially. A Juice Machine is a simple and popular way to make it fast and easy to consume the proper amount of daily servings of raw fruits and vegetables. The combination of their flavors also makes everything more appetizing, especially for children or other fussy eaters. However, progress has been made in juicers and now it has been shown that a cold press juicer, or masticating juicer, produces the most nutritious beverages yet.

What a cold press method does is crush the foods first and then press them. This combination method produces less heat and yields even more juice. Without the heat, the final drink is higher in nutrients than what is created with other juicers. Because more juice is produced with each piece, fewer fruits and vegetables need to be added, saving the consumer money. This higher yield is especially important for people who love green smoothies, because it will help to increase the volume of juice extracted from green, leafy vegetables that do not release a lot of liquid easily.

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To make the most of any juice machine, it is often recommended to use the freshest product possible. The lowest price on fresh produce is usually when the items are in season locally. These fruits and vegetables will be the freshest and juice detox contain the highest levels of nutrients because they are often able to make it from the farm to the table within a few days.

When items are not available locally, frozen fruits and vegetables are a good alternate source. Any that are frozen quickly after being picked will retain more of their nutrients than many of the items in the fresh produce section. This is because out of season produce is often imported from other countries, and may have been picked weeks prior before they are able to reach their destination.

Juicepresso is an affordable, quietly operating machine that makes it easy to have the most nutritious beverages possible. It can crush and juice a huge range of fruits and vegetables, so creating fun and flavorful new recipes is simple. With less waste, it is a cost-effective way to help make certain all family members are getting the nutrients they need.

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